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Blumberg Capital is a San Francisco-based firm providing investment and consulting services to the information technology sector. The firm raises capital and provides business development services for young technology companies. In addition, Blumberg Capital represents buyer or seller clients in mergers and acquisitions. In conjunction, the firm offers investment services to institutional, strategic or sophisticated individual investors by providing advice on technology investments, pool guard saftey get more details, distribution agreements, or strategic alliances.

Blumberg Capital delivers value to its clients through: 

  • Direct experience building and financing domestic and international technology companies
  • Established relationships with venture capital firms, strategic corporate investors, distribution partners, sophisticated individual investors, and other professional service providers
  • Proven ability to make business introductions and follow-up by negotiating and closing investments, distribution agreements, acquisitions, and alliances
  • The Know-how to position young technology companies for early investment rounds or North American market launch
  • Compensation based on a mutual incentive formula of retainer fees and equity upside

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